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Boca Jets Lacrosse Info


2018 REGISTRATION TO OPEN SEPTEMBER 1st 2017 Mark your Calendar


Boca Jets Lacrosse is now expanding its social media platforms.   You can now not only visit us on Facebook and Twitter.  You can now:

Add us on Snapchat: @bocajetslax

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​From being an original Boca Jet to Notre Dame and now the MLL Well done Garrett Epple

These four Boca Jets Alumni and good friends accounted for 346 points this year while playing at Boca High and Saint John Paul respectively.  Mikey Clinton  (89), Jarred Chaloux (70), Zach Frey (99), Shawn Gildea (88).  Some of the coaches they had while at Boca Jets - Brian Clinton, Don Clinton, Gary Fuchs and Kelly Burnett.



Our League
Boca Jets Lacrosse (BJL) participates as part of the South Florida Youth Lacrosse League (SFYLL). The SFYLL is made up of 15 clubs stretching from Miami in the south to Merritt Island in the north. BJL typically will play teams from Weston, Parkland, Davie, Coral Springs, Delray, Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter. The game schedule is produced by SFYLL in January and is published by the end of the month.
Girls & Boys U7 will typically only play teams in our backyard (i.e. Delray, Parkland, Coral Springs, etc)

Again this year Boca Jets leads South Florida Youth Lacrosse with some of the most experienced youth coaches in the area. Boca Jets coaches played college ball at Syracuse, Cornell, Hofstra, Duke, Colgate, Ohio State,Albany, Rutgers, MIT, and many other universities with renowned lacrosse programs. Many of our coaches continue to play today as part of the Florida Lacrosse League.

Equipment lists
For those players new to our league the list below is the equipment you will need.
Please remember to bring a lot of water to each practice as water is not available at the field.

Boys                                 Girls
Stick                                 Girls  Stick

Helmet                              Eye Guard

Mouth Guard                      Mouth Guard

Gloves                              Cleats or sneakers
Elbow pads
Shoulder Pads
Cleats or sneakers

All Saturday home games will be played at Patch Reef Park. The first game this year is  currently scheduled for February 4th. It will be a Boca V Boca day at Parh eef Park.  
 At the present time we do not have the schedule from the SFYLL. 

Please feel free to contact us at . All correspondence will be answered within 24 hours.

We look forward to seeing you on the field.

Have a Happy and Healthy New Year

There is nothing better than a Saturday filled with lacrosse and fun at Patch Reef Park!

We can't wait to share the excitement with you.


Practice Information

The 2017 Boca Jets Lacrosse Season starts with Player Evaluations or Practices (depending on your age division ) begin on the  18th of January  at Patch Reef Park in Boca Raton after which there will be a draft to determine teams. The first practices will start the week of January 23rd. The Girls will may start practice on the 16th.  You will hear from your coaches to confrim that.  All practices will be held at Patch Reef Park and/or South County Regional Park.  Generally your team will practice two nights per week.

Once you are drafted to a team you will be able to see your practice schedule here!


Game Information

The first game is scheduled to be held sometime on February 4th at home where we will play eachother.  All of our home games will be held at Patch Reef Park. We will have away games as well to play the other recreational teams within the South Florida Youth Lacrosse League (SFYLL). Away games are generally within a 15 minute to 1 hour drive from Boca Raton.

Once your a drafted to a team you will be able to see your game schedule here!



Based on an incredible demand Boca Jets Lacrosse, is excited to announce the return of our introductory lacrosse program during the months of September and October for 6 weeks and March and April for 4 weeks. Little Jets Lacrosse is a program that is tailored made for our youngest children to get them involved in lacrosse and give them an introduction to the game. The program is geared toward boys and girls ages 4-8. Anyone who has never played before is encouraged to participate in our Little Jets program. It is a fabulous way to learn the fundamentals of the game.

We are aware that many of you have children already playing in our program and may have siblings that fit this age group. We invite you to share this with your local friends who have children in this age group that are interested in learning more about playing lacrosse.

Little Jets Lacrosse will supply all the equipment needed to play. 



Congratulations to our 2017 Clinton award winners

>Boys Under 7>Boys U-7 Crone Cooper Crone    
    >Girls Under 7>GIRLS U-7 Mathews Jenna Mathews 
>Boys Under 7>Boys U-7 Deering Christian Deering    
    >Girls Under  9>G U-9 RED Sanchez/Virtue/Johnson Ashley Egbert
>Boys Under 9>Boys U-9 Burgan Blue Christian Zonneveld    
    >Girls Under  9>G-U9 White Sanchez/Cohen/Gannaco Lily Svirsky
>Boys Under 9>Boys U-9 GANNACONE/VIRTUE RED Christian Godin    
    >Girls Under 11>GIRLS U-11 Hartofilis/Triassi/ Emma Hrzich
>Boys Under 11>BOYS U-11 ALBEE BLUE Mark Stango    
    >Girls Under 13>GIRLS U-13 Clinton/Kerl Sofia Santana
>Boys Under 11>BOYS U-11 CAFFREY/DEERING BLACK Gianni Comuzzi    
    >Girls Under 15>GIRLS U-15 Braden/Crone Devyn Crone
>Boys Under 11>BOYS U-11 METZGER RED Ben brooks    
>Boys Under 11>BOYS U-11 PAWLOWSKI WHITE Ethan Leeds    
>Boys Under 13>Boys U-13 Lynch/Finver Max Burgan    
>Boys Under 13>BOYS U-13 SARUBBI/MILLET RED Ethan Overton    
>Boys Under 15>BOYS U-15 BURNETT/SALK/MYERS RED Tristan Haikonen    





RESERVE YOUR TICKET NOW. THIS YEAR WILL BE THE BEST SEASON YET.  Use the Boca Jets Lacrosse discount code Launch1.  All discount tickets this year are just $19 per seat for all games



2017 US Lacrosse Age Grouping Quick Reference Table

Birth date Age Bracket
Born on or after 9/1/2001 U15
Born on or after 9/1/2003 U13
Born on or after 9/1/2005 U11
Born on or after 9/1/2007 U9
Born on or after 9/1/2009 U7





Field Status
Hillsboro El Rio Park - Boca Raton TBD (8/20) 
Patch Reef - NE - Boca Raton OPEN (8/20) 
Patch Reef - SE - Boca Raton OPEN (8/20) 
Patch Reef - SW - Boca Raton OPEN (8/20) 
Patch Reef Park - Boca Raton OPEN (8/20) 
Pine Island Park - Davie OPEN (8/20) 
South County Regional - Boca Raton TBD (8/20) 
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